Lastest Precision Screw Machining China News

Mini Mill

Image by tudedude
Everything reassembled except for the rear slide cover which is a total pain to reassemble requiring much cussing and looking for screw heads under the rubber.

PUSH ships at the end of July, gyms will never be the same
This change, along with the removal of any visible screws, makes PUSH more water resistant so sweat is no longer a concern for longevity. Many of the hardware adjustments stem … Kuzdub set up a Tendo Fitrodyne Sports Powerlyzer V-307, a beast of a …

Glass artist Jed Malitz works on 'The Hidden Face of God' while planning move
“Each nail has about 45 parts because it has to be suspended through glass in a very precise way, and the glass itself is incredibly imprecise.” … He found a company China that makes custom-machined, high-end crates constructed from Brazilian plywood to …
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