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Young watchmakers know time is on their side
On the watchmakers' desks there are sets of small screwdrivers and tea-saucer-sized round, sectioned trays (with glass-dome tops) holding the incredibly small screws, plates and other parts. Each component is cleaned in a labor-intensive process to …

LaRouche Calls for World To Follow China Lead on Fusion
… if you look at the portion of the world's population which is represented by the BRICS countries, combined with the nations of Ibero-America, you're literally talking about half, or 48% to be precise, of the human population on this planet, and one …
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Courtesy of Universal Pictures
Since she is a strong female protagonist, she wards him off, but since this is also a screw-the-patriarchy kind of action flick, he retaliates by kicking her in the abdomen. The bag inside her leaks and an animated camera flies through her … And …
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