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Stamped Earth Houses

Image by Kees & Sarah
All around the monastery are these houses made of compacted earth, the traditional building material in these parts. Had a very different feel than the rest of the town.

Logging syndrome
Just recently Stabroek News reported on what seemed to be a scheme heavily weighted in favour of China Paper for a tree plantation with renewable tax holidays incorporated. China Paper is also keen on logging. … clear commitment to more mineral …
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Apple halts use of two harmful chemicals in iPhone assembly
Five months ago activist groups China Labor Watch and Green America petitioned Apple to stop using the two chemicals. They cited benzene as being classified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a risky carcinogen that can cause leukemia and …
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Auto parts maker Pacific Industrial to begin construction
The stamping products produced by the Jackson facility will include oil pans, central pillars, luggage hinges, hood lock hooks, and other parts. "We should be at full capacity in five years," Ogawa said. "Expansion? We hope that day comes." Pacific …
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How did Russia power your smartphone and shape your car?
The floor of the cargo bay is also made of the metal, as well as parts of the outside of the aircraft body – the turbine blades, sections of the wings, and chassis components. Russia has the world's second largest (after China) titanium reserves. Its …
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