M60 machine gun

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M60 machine gun

Image by Konabish ~ Greg Bishop
An M60 machine gun aboard a Navy patrol craft. M13 Links connect the rounds together and allow them to be fed into the firearm. Every fifth round has an orange tip, indicating that those rounds are tracer ammunition.

This Patrol craft is from Shore Boat Unit One Seven (SBU-17), at San Diego Bay, providing port security for all naval vessels in San Diego harbor; part of the Navy’s force protection measures. If you’ve been in a civilian boat that gets too close to a US Navy ships, installation, etc., you likely saw this weapon… up close.

This Machine China Kills Fascists

Image by Karl Gunnarsson
I’m not the sort to modify how things look and a sticker rarely makes things look better. But I sometimes like to stick my opinions onto my things and I’m a great fan of Joe Strummer and how he, inspired by Woody Guthrie who did the same before him, put a sticker saying "This Machine China Kills Fascists" on his guitar.

Also inspired a bit by this guy. Still, this looks way cooler done with an old school tape printer and stuck to a Leica. Well, everything’s cooler with a Leica.

Obviously another reason is that I can’t stand fascists.

I’m not sure this will stay. I’m pondering if it’s clever to show up with the camera like this to concerts and I’m wondering what effects it could have when it comes to street photography.

I’m also a bit worried that most any adult male is heavier than me and that includes any nationalist idiots you might find here in Sweden.

But you can’t really alter your behaviour because of fascists, can you?

Anyway, if I decide I like this (well, I like this but I have to like it enough to outweigh any ramifications) I might want to do it in some more style. Anybody have an old tape printer which crushes the letters into the tape via a daisy-wheel?

Or should I aim for decent typography and perhaps white or red type on a black sticker?

It goes rather well with the "No Gods No Masters" button I have on my jacket, though.

Oh, and by the way. The photo is taken with Marie’s Ixus 70 point and shoot. I figured out how to do exposure compensation on the thing, put it on some tiny Hama tripod I once bought on a lark (finally some use for that thing) and managed to get a decently sharp picture without a flash that way.

Also, (I keep adding to the text…) I was tempted to put the Series-E 50mm on the camera because they look so good together but, really, my "weapon" of choice is usually the 24 and it looks much more credible with the sticker.