Milling Process And Functional Specifications

Milling Process And Functional Specifications
Improved ball mill cement mill situations cement mill with a new liner, adjust the speed of the mill, cement ball mill optimization of higher-good quality design and high-manganese steel bearing lubrication of gear parameters, rising the mill and the smooth functioning of life, improve the efficiency of ball mill grinding cement. The cement mill cement production capacity at property 30-32 to validate tons / hour, into the grinding size ought to be 25MM, into the ground water .five%, grinding of the maximum load of 81 tons, the weight of 170 tons of cement mill gear.. Lattice Lattice Ball Mill Ball Mill Plant is the material to be broken, and then to smash the key equipment. Lattice-type ball mill is widely utilised in cement, silicate products, new building supplies, refractory materials, fertilizer, ferrous and nonferrous metal and glass ceramics and other mineral production industries of all kinds of ores and other grind-capable materials can be dry or wet powder ball mill grinding mill producers Pingdingshan Pingdingshan mill manufacturer sales network Internet Gold Member Henan Tai. Lattice-sort ball mill plant functions: grid ball mill is a horizontal cylinder rotating mechanism, high-top quality high-manganese steel outer gear and two positions, lattice-variety ball mill. Material from the feed device into the compound by the screw axis evenly space the first position into the mill, ceramic ball positions within the ladder liner or corrugated liner, built with distinct specifications steel ball, rotating cylinder will create centrifugal force to the ball Soon after the fall height, ceramic supplies have serious effect on milling and grinding impact. Ceramic ball to coarse grinding of components in the first position, soon after single-layer diaphragm plate into the second position, the positions are lined with flat lining, the steel ball, the material to additional grinding. Powder discharged by means of the discharge grate plate to complete the grinding operation. Lattice Ball Factory Functions: grid ball mill by the feeding portion, discharging Department, Rotary Department, the Ministry of transmission (reducer, tiny driving higher-top quality higher-manganese steel gears, motors, electrical control) and other key components. Pingdingshan Pingdingshan ball mill manufacturer manufacturers use cast steel hollow shaft, lined with removable, rotating big gear with higher-good quality high manganese steel casting hobbing process, lattice-kind ball mill liner put on set with the cylinder physique, has good wear sex. Lattice-variety ball mill smooth, reputable Pingdingshan Pingdingshan ball mill manufacturer gear manufacturer distribution machine. Rod mill factory building: the building of a rod mill and ball mill is basically the exact same structure, the difference between the conical finish cap rod mill modest curvature, with smooth lining the inner side, even though the cylinder is not smooth in common use liner massive diameter hollow shaft of discharge. Rod mill plant performs: rod mill and the motor periphery by reducer gear drive quality-driven higher-manganese steel tube, rod mill built with the appropriate quantity of grinding media – steel bar, steel bar and frictions in the centrifugal force be rotated beneath the action of force boost to a certain height of the cylinder, and then because of their personal weight was falling into the falling state of the entire movement has been the effect of the components for crushing and grinding effect, continue to break the material thin, significantly less than lining sieve slit plate material is discharged in time. Rod mill plant use: Basically, only the production of wet rod mill, rod mill can be utilized to grinding various ore and other raw supplies hardness is particularly suitable for handling a variety of brittle supplies, are extensively utilized in black, non-ferrous metal ore and non-metallic mineral processing plant and the chemical business, creating materials and other industrial parts.

Ball Mill principal function is to block the material through the rotating ball mill, ball mill and the ball in the interaction, ground into powder form. Method is as follows:
Into the raw materials – stamped seamless cover – start ball – time – to stop milling – automatically or point upward move will Inlet – into the discharge gate cover – start off ball – time – to full discharge, generating full .
1) milling stage
Begin the ball 1st, if the feed position of the mouth not in the correct position, can be manually jog to the ball mill feed inlet back to the right place, at this time can be the raw material into the ball mill. Following loading of raw materials, will be transferred to a position switch for milling, prepared to enter the milling stage.
Set the milling time, if not set, will use the original time settings. Press the start button to start off the ball began to ball milling. The ball appears in the milling state, and shows the remaining milling time.
Set time, the ball automatically quit, will show the finish of the ball milling, in the discharge phase.
2) Discharging stage
Will feed into the mouth of the lid covered with a grid of the discharge, when discharging into a feed inlet port, will attain the discharge position of switch gear, begin the ball mill. Ball is displayed in the discharge phase of the station and shows the remaining discharge time required. Set time, the automatic quit the ball, and just above the discharge port is in place.
To obtain the major functions:
1) ball mill Technologies Section in strict accordance with the time set down
2) the time to keep function below fault circumstances (ie, following the recovery is not in accordance with the grinding time remaining to complete the operation)
three) have run the procedure parameters display, set, record and alarm display, record
4) Automatic homing
In order to boost production efficiency, without operator action to every point in the right location of the feed port, shut down automatically after every ball back to the appropriate place.
five) Technique security
The operator to acquire the acceptable permissions to the user name and password in order to carry out regular operations, and record relevant info.
To prevent the misuse in the field operator, set manage authority field devices in regular operation and maintenance, the appropriate to remotely manage the personal computer.
six) system capable of manual / automatic choice, remote / local boot device authorization, each and every subsystem independent of every single other, a single equipment failure will not impact the whole program.

Ball Mill
Ball Mill
Ball Mill

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