Nice Basic Machining pictures

A few good common machining images I identified:

Sailor Firing GPMG Onboard HMS Dragon
general machining
Image by Defence Pictures
A Royal Navy gunner onboard HMS Dragon fires a General Objective Machine Gun (GPMG) at a parachute flare for the duration of a reside firing exercising at evening. The ship is presently on a seven month deployment.

Type 45 destroyer HS Dragon flexed her muscle tissues firing every gun onboard. The serial began with the ship deploying the killer tomato, a massive red inflatable target and engaging it with the ships 4.five inch gun, speedily followed by the 30mm canons, phalanx, Miniguns and General Objective Machine Guns.

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Photographer: L(Phot) Dave Jenkins
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Repairing GTM
general machining
Image by xcode
GTM = General Ticketing Machine. The machine in charge of issuing tickets and leading-up service for your travel requirements.

Inside, it has a tiny screen and a keyboard for them to debug. This machine is actually complex.

Taken at Tampines MRT station.