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Some cool cnc grinding machine images:

Stepper motor mount – Y-Axis

Image by ehud42
Using long 3/16 inch bolts and a lot of nuts, I mounted the stepper motor to drive the threaded rod. The 2 wire ties around the hose are sufficient friction at the moment. I may grind a ‘key’ into the stepper shaft to reduce slippage – but so far there has been none.

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Image by J@M€S
The “CAMBOYO” 8×10 is finally completed and ready for action! This camera consists of a basic CAMBO SC 8×10 to which was added a TOYO film back /ground glass (thus resulting in a “CAMBOYO”. The project came about after discovering the front and rear aspects of a CAMBO SC in a thrift shop (for USD). Getting it to the current (fully operational) stage was quite challenging but, after loads of the laser cut Chinating, CNC machining China, sand blasting, anodising and fitment of a replacement bellows I’m really happy with the end result.
•CAMBO SC 8×10 front and rear aspects with mono rail.
•Film back / ground glass – TOYO 8×10
•Front Lens board – Custom made
•Tripod mounting block – Custom made
•Monorail clamp rail – Custom made
•Lens – Schneider Kreutznach (Artar 310mm)
Test shots soon to follow….