Nice Engraving Cnc photographs

A couple of nice engraving cnc images I located:

Clear glass engraving
engraving cnc
Image by oskay
Checking out the Engraving tool for Eggbot. Associated weblog post here.

engraving test
engraving cnc
Image by jiskar
This is 13×5 cm of MDF engraved by our cnc converted mill. It is completed with a 60 degree 3mm V shaped bit. I was testing the use of corner sharpening. This technique constantly adjusts the tool height to generate the preferred cutting width. This way the corners are not restricted to the tool diameter. The outcome looks fairly good, except for a small piece in the ‘a’ that flipped off.

engraving cnc
Image by smellsofbikes
I’m studying to do text engraving for a project. This is powder-coated aluminum cut with a ball-end mill .020&quot deep. Learning how to set the z depth in EMC2 requires some thinking, but it performs effectively.