Nice Jig Grinding China photos

A few nice jig grinding images I found:


Image by mindfrieze
Whenever we feel worn down by the afternoon grind, we make John and Dave dance for us.

Dance fools! Dance!

We’ll keep them around as long as they keep us happy.

Grinding Jig

Image by NVT Technology Pte Ltd

Lacebark Pine – Bark & Pollen Cone

Image by Cowtools
Pinus Bungeana

The arboretum’s lacebark pines were started from seeds collected in 1931 by USDA plant explorer P.H. Dorsett. They were collected from the Nine Dragon Pine (Jietai Temple, southwest of Beijing), which is reputed to be more than a thousand years old. The University of Arkansas website related that he "had difficulty gathering cones because, as soon as one hit the ground, there would be a scurry of activity to gather and eat the seeds – a sweet, nutty delicacy". They don’t mention whether it was people or squirrels was scurrying for the seeds.

When this tree matures – at about 100 years of age – the trunk will take on "a jig-saw puzzle look with patches of white and gray". I wonder if I’ll still be around to see that.