Nice Lathe China Machine Chinas photos

A few nice lathe machines images I found:

Clausing 5912 metalworking lathe

Image by Darron Birgenheier
This is my Clausing model 5912 engine lathe, built in 1968 or so.

I bought it used from a seller in SE New Hampshire in 2003, for only 0.
It shows very little wear, and has a flame-hardened bed.

I brought it back to Northern New York, towed behind by Dad’s 1988 Isuzu Trooper II, in a 1970’s vintage DIY utility trailer.

12.25-inch swing, 36-inches between centers.

It was originally equipped with a 1HP three-phase motor and a hydraulically-controlled variable-speed spindle drive. I am replacing the original drive and motor with a new three-phase 7.5HP direct-drive motor and a 480V VFD (Variable Frequency Drive).


Image by smellsofbikes
This is how you use a lathe as a big mill with a power cross feed. I’ve clamped an auxiliary table onto the bed of the lathe, and have an auxiliary spindle on the cross-slide, so it can be power-fed along the bed by the threadcutting screw. In the background you can see the (total overkill) HP rackmount power supply that runs the aux spindle motor: 22v@5.5A (when it’s loaded down during a cut.)

Machining Workshop Day #3

Image by Solarbotics
Centering the toolbit on the lathe.