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Question by oakiefenoakie: fog machine fog remedy?
all riiiight. my boyfriend purchased a fog machine right now at wal mart and on the box it says “water-based fog machine” or anything close, but absolutely “water-primarily based.” when reading by way of the directions, it said NOT to add WATER due to the fact it could harm the machine, and kept mentioning this Fog Answer/Juice. my query is exactly where is this fog remedy? i did not see any around the region of the machines, nor did it say on the box that anything was necessary. all that it stated was that it was a “water-primarily based” machine.
it also didn’t say anywhere in the directions what the answer was called, or exactly where to get it.
i found some solution at Target after looking three other areas. But thank you for all your assist!

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Answer by sarahblanco06
they ought to have it correct subsequent to the machine at wal mart! we got one particular from there, too and it is appropriate subsequent to it. effectively otherwise if you don’t want to attempt an additional shop, go on ebay and variety in fog solution.

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