Q&A: where i want to know about any industrial part using cnc milling machine??

Question by afuan16: exactly where i want to know about any industrial part making use of cnc milling machine??
-industrial part like automotive, aeronautic, medic market, and other
-any internet site give part’s description and comprehensive with dimension
-i want to know simply because i want to fabricate for my final year project
thank you

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Answer by typoifd
You can locate a stack of internet sites for cnc machines by browsing for . Various machines have various capabilities, working to various tolerances and hardnesses of metals. Mass production systems like automotive have moved away from cnc due to the fact it requires skilled workmen, they prefer pressed and molded components – except for the higher end models. Aircraft and healthcare still have tolerance requirements for cnc, military tend to use it because they are low volume or are nevertheless making use of old good quality standards and never understand what modern production approaches can obtain.

Globalspec is a excellent location to look for data etc. and thomasnet will let you look up a nearby machinery supplier so you can ask them about what their machines do if you can not find data on their web site.

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