Can a 4th-axis CNC mill basically do CNC lathe turning?

Query by Calen C: Can a 4th-axis CNC mill essentially do CNC lathe turning?
I am a newb to the globe of CNC machining so forgive my ignorance, but I want to know if a 4-axis CMC mill can essentially do the equivocal operations of a CNC lathe? What is confusing me is that the “4th-axis” is a rotary table head and tail stock that sits on the mill table, so does this mean then that you have the capability of turning operations with it? I mean aside from the truth that the tool bit of a lathe and the end mills of a vertical mill sit in different places relative to the stock, is not the basic motion produced by the rotary table identical to that of a lathe hence creating turning operations at the least related if not identical?

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Answer by Dan A
some what it is the same yes but you don’t get the rpm which means that you won’t get the speed in turning of a lathe for stock removal and constant speed to feed also toque and HP will be down and the time element to more than come the HP and toque will go up which means every little thing will be carried out at a considerably slower price. A 4th axis is a lot more for contouring then lathe perform they do sell machine tools that are known as MAC turns that are a combination of a full lathe and a mill to more than come this but of course the price tag doubles for the reason you are purchasing two machines in one particular and in any case you lose the Leigh of your operate a single far more factor you can not get in close to the head or tail stock for the purpose of the milling head unless you use a longer tool shank that will also slow down the final out come
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