CNC Software Certifies Hundreds in Mastercam Program

CNC Software Certifies Hundreds in Mastercam Program
Each year CNC sends Spieth and a team to Florida to administer the certification program. In Florida, Mastercam is on the recognized list for funding, which means schools receive financial reimbursement for each student who earns industrial certification.

ash stephens provides meditative sounds with singing bowl
ash stephens, an industrial design student at victoria university in new zealand, has reinvented the tibetan gong for today's society by changing how users interact with it. the project, called 'singing bowl,' reflects the instruments primarily used …
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Laser Tools expands to include CNC machining China parts
The company's traditional market area requires the production of laser tools for the mining, tunneling, and industrial industries but Wortsmith said “the mining market is being squeezed due to the rise of alternative energy forms.” Laser Tools has …
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