Crushing and Grinding China Process of Ore Dressing

Crushing and Grinding China Process of Ore Dressing

by wallyg

Crushing and Grinding China Process of Ore Dressing

Crushing and grinding China of ore dressing are prepared before the operation. Beneficiation is a prerequisite to make useful minerals in the ore reached monomer separation. As useful minerals to the single particle size is very small, it is sometimes necessary to ground ore will be less than 0.074 mm accounted for 80 per cent of the fine, and even some small way to achieve some useful minerals monomer Separation. From stole ore block by the great degree, such as open-pit mining for ore block of up to about 1000 mm, 1000 mm to large pieces of broken pieces to the mine only a few dozen microns (1 micron = 1 / 1000 mm), fine-grained, often have to be completed in several stages.

To be highly efficient broken, in the large-scale plant the general election coarse, medium and fine three broken (also adopted four paragraphs), the lump ore gradually reduced to the size of 8-25 mm around, and then sent to the abrasive grinding China machine. Until useful mineral particles to achieve separation of the monomers. At present, the ore crushing and grinding China method primarily with the role of institutions of the more common mechanical force generally have the following five.

1. Crushed by two broken face when approaching the squeeze pressure and make the materials broken. Jaw crusher machine, roll crusher, cone crusher are the main way to crushing the broken machinery.

2. Split broken teeth wedge tip is to use the materials to carry out the split of the broken, and the role of the concentration of a limited fragmentation, in brittle materials to the crusher.

3. Broken materials in the face of crushing load as bear on the two points (or fulcrum) beam, a pack materials flexor surface itself broken.

4. Stripping two broken face grinding China materials made in the relative movement of materials imposed shear stress, so that material rupture occurred of these fine-grained materials suitable for grinding China.

5. Crushing impact of the use of it is broken ore. Impact of the moment is the role of the ore. For example, the counter-crushing machine is broken in the main impact.

The crushed stone industry in developed country like USA is the largest non-fuel, non-metallic mineral industry with respect to both total volume and value of production with about 901 million tons production valued at over 2 billion US $ in year 1975. The industry is geographically highly dispersed with all states. The stone production by individual states is proportional to population and industrial activity. There are over 5400 crushers in the USA located in urban, suburban and rural areas. Plans are either stationary or portable type in the capacity range varying from 100 tons to several thousand tons per hr. The various rock type processed are lime stone, granite, trap rock and sandstone. Important products include construction related material such as specified and unspecified construction aggregates and road stone, concrete aggregate, bituminous aggregate etc. As per USEPA data, the crushed stone industry was ranked third highest among the nations 56no. of largest particulate source emitting category industries in the year 1975.


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