Q&A: How do we find a customer for contract machining services for precision machined parts?

Question by Clean Cut Machining Inc.: How do we find a customer for contract machining services for precision machined parts?
We are a machine shop and are in business for 3 years now. We have automated CNC (computer numerically controlled) milling and turning machines also grinding. We have a few customers in various industries, such as: aerospace, defense, medical, commercial and movie production. We basically can make parts that require intricate, complex or simple shapes which demand high dimensional precision and from many different materials, such as: all metals (aluminum, iron, alloyed steels, exotic steels), brass and copper, plastics and high temp alloys. All of our customers are happy with us but it’s just not enough work to stay afloat. The orders are in small quantities and not enough. We are seeking an American based company that needs large volume of commercial parts made on contract basis. This way we can stay in business. We have an excellent track record as far as quality and delivery, and are very competitive in the price, yet cheep rates does not reflect on the quality of the parts we make. The problem is that we don”t know where to start, how to find the companies or how to approach them. It seems like everyone in our city (Burbank, CA) have their big companies with large orders and quantity parts, but we don’t know how they got there. Most of them don’t advertise in papers or anywhere else, but somehow have found and established great relationships. We were a member on MFG.com (approx. $ 450/month) for a while and paying too much to meet clients, but most of that was bogus and untrue anyway, so we quit. So not to make this too complicated and confusing, my question is: how to identify and or find the companies (commercial industry, from bikes to kitchen to telescopes and everything else), and how to approach them, how to have that first chance to prove our great services. It almost seems like it’s a big secret that no one (other shops like us ) wants to share and help us as a small business to find contracts for machining. (we have less than 10 employees and we are women owned) Please help us, this is our last resort and if nothing comes through America will loose a reliable and solid manufacturer of quality, precision machined parts and components. Thank you, and God bless however that offers us a helping hand, and most of all GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Albert F.
Clean Cut Machining Inc.

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Answer by Muhammad
The God Bless you & your business…
if i am business manager of your company, i will do following steps to get business

1) Look in yellow pages & other directories to find Potentials Clients
2) Visit Chamber of Commerce to find list of potential Clients
3) Contact Mass Email Companies for sending Advertisement by email
4) searching & identifying Machine to make by us

instead of wait for work, if we have few machines to make & sell is better idea, there are hardware tools also can made by CNC machines, There are Jewelry machines & tools, Watch making tools, etc.

if i could not able to find anything good…. i would have design Mini CNC Machines, or its attachments, the list can be very long….

i am living in Dubai, U.A.E. working for company, dealing in Jewelry Machines & tools, if you contact me by email i might can provide you more assistance, my ID is my Email address, The god bless you & your nation

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