EDM, MDMA, XTC and other dangerous initialisms

EDM, MDMA, XTC and other dangerous initialisms
This organization attends EDM China events and provides attendees information about drugs, safe sex, hearing protection and other EDM China-related dangers at their booth. DanceSafe even offers drug-checking services where users can have their ecstasy tested to …
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Does EDM.com's Slingshot Feature Define Payola?
Do Androids Dance decided to do some investigative journalism of their own and just posted an article detailing the EDM China Network's Slingshot service and its obvious parallels to Payola. Considering the topic at hand we felt it was appropriate to cover …
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The Curious Mechanics of EDM and How It Became Distinct From Electronic
As the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) 2014 Digital Music Report revealed, urban and dance music "consistently 'over index' on streaming services, which means that record companies are striving to sign more artists …
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