Innovations Moving Structural Ceramics into the Mainstream

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Innovations Moving Structural Ceramics into the Mainstream
In contrast, sophisticated ceramics, which started to emerge following the discovery of the Bayer approach for refining bauxite in 1887—have superior mechanical, thermal, and electronic properties compared to traditional ceramics. Like traditional ceramics …
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Researchers create process that makes it possible for sector to quantify metal particles
Federico Guerrero Manriquez, Sc.M, said in an interview that for the duration of machining operations to apply the final touches to the pieces and fulfill the essential dimensions, cutting tools and lubricants that increase the machining method are employed. Nevertheless&nbsp…
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Advanced Supplies Reshape 3D Printing
Other applications consist of cyclic loading and machining. Greater temperatures, slower print instances, or altering of wavelength could be essential when processing some advanced materials. For the SLA approach, however, most machines use high-finish&nbsp…
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