Chris Porter&#39s custom Nicolai Ion 16 – super bike

Chris Porter&#39s custom Nicolai Ion 16 – super bike
Obtaining spent years modifying unsatisfactory bikes, Mojo Suspension&#39s Chris Porter decided it was time to take factors into his own hands and commissioned German manufacturer Nicolai to build exactly what he wanted. The outcome is a frame with entirely …
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Let&#39s Build: A Kabini HTPC
As situations go this one particular is decidedly low-cost and cheerful, but when choosing out a case for a set of core components that in total cost only a shade over $ one hundred it seems logical to pick out a low-expense case as nicely. As with most low-price cases cable management …
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Battery recycling is an economic imperative
When we go to replace the battery we are typically offered a cost for a new battery that is dependent on us delivering the supplier with the old battery, typically the distinction is about R150. Why this is … Suppliers have been taking back old batteries …
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