Automotive Technologies Support Please?!?1?

Query by Chris Whitehead: Automotive Technologies Assist Please?!?1?
Why is it very good to get a degree in Automotive Technologies? I undestand a degree appears great no matter what you get it in. But, what I am asking is if you get a degree in Automotive Technology can you move up in the business and not just remain at technician all your life? I am going to HAVE to take college courses due to the fact I know nothing at all about cars and have always had a intrest in it. So, im thinking college is the only way for me to learn….A single far more question, do you contemplate this a great profession?

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Answer by James
automotive technology is a fantastic career just bear in mind devote most of your time finding out the electrical portion that is exactly where the cash is that is also what automobiles have turned into never cease with the repair look into the how the mother boards on the handle boxes work and what elements it takes to make them work a excellent auto tech can easily make 100k a year as time goes whos to say you can be into the upper end of any automaker in America but you must have the expertise

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