Finding Possible Company Contract (CNC Turning)?

Finding Possible Company Contract (CNC Turning)?

Query by Stefan B: Obtaining Possible Company Contract (CNC Turning)?
I am at present trying to set up a little cnc turning company with a companion. i have expertise in Cnc turning/programming and he has the company administrations abilities..and so on

We are not certified to finish machine aerospace components, but we are permitted to rough/semi finish them.

Does anybody know where I can uncover a prospective business contract for work? as we naturally need to supply operate in order to start off our enterprise up,

any valuable answers are greatly appriciated.

Note: we are based in the Midlands – United Kingdom

Ideal answer:

Answer by thlslsborlng
We are not certified to do aerospace components at my function. We work right near an airport even though and have firms come in that need rush jobs done and tell us they are components for their go-kart so it tends to make it legal on our element. Don’t know how legal it is for them even though. We also do components for an aerospace business in New York. They are certified, but we are not. Its ok although because all the components go back by means of them to get certified. You may be capable to locate a business like that to do business for. I am in the US even though and laws may possibly be various.

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