3D Printing News: Expert Shares Prime 3D Printing Predictions for 2015

3D Printing News: Professional Shares Best 3D Printing Predictions for 2015
Aimed at escalating manufacturer efficiency, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation&#39s INTEGREX i-400AM 3D printer combines metal 3D printing with the accuracy and surface finish of conventional machining. In terms of aerospace applications, General Electric&#39s&nbsp…
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Hoosier Contractors Secure Defense Perform
Springville-primarily based Ranger and Significant Tool and Machine Inc. in Indianapolis will work with Virginia and Maryland businesses on a Navy machining and fabrication deal. … The Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane, Crane, Indiana, is the contracting activity.
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Boulder 1060 power amplifier
Inside, the surface-mount modules can be removed for replacement or repair. I&#39d guess that the 1060 can nearly always be serviced and/or updated in the field. Of course, this level of cosmetic finish (it&#39s thrilling just to feel the 1060) and precision …
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Chipformers Increase Surface Finish in Turning Applications
The M3P chipbreaker for medium machining of steel has an application range of .5 to six mm depth of cut and .15 to .60 mm/rev. The R3P chipbreaker for rough machining of steel gives a machining range from four. to 12 mm depth of cut and .four to 1.&nbsp…
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