Suning The Next Decade – Suning, Gome – Household Appliances – Cnc Machining China Parts Manufacturer

Suning The Next Decade – Suning, Gome – Household Appliances – Cnc Machining China Parts Manufacturer

Suning The Next Decade – Suning, Gome – Household Appliances – Cnc Machining China Parts Manufacturer
on a business in the decade would certainly not appear in the media article, so we are here certainly is not the place to disclose certain key issues, why should it called “

Suning The next decade “because Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning A Talk on words, it allows us to capture the theme of Suning future?? In mind Zhang Jindong,” Wal-Mart in China to do “practical significance. Perhaps the profound meaning of which many people already know, but certainly many people’s understanding of the Suning also stop at

Home Appliances The scope chain, then we can hear and understand the statements out to you, as when, after reading the expression is “Oh, something like this” or “much better than this” depends on our people’s minds Suning has long been on the portrait.

“Wal-Mart did in China,” Su Ning, and the phrase as early as
States United States The most competitive that a few years there, when the background is the most crazy home appliance chain started taking the stage number in Suning stores has been the country the United States to suppress. Honestly have to say, at that time proposed for Zhang Jindong, “Wal-Mart did in China,” Su Ning, the understanding is to study Wal-Mart experience, including management, information, logistics, etc., lost to competitors in the number stores time, Suning more effective to consider is a single store, Suning, Suning, or that sell home appliances.

And a global Financial Crisis, Suning will not just sell appliances Suning had.
“MadeInChina” Despite the global popularity, but once into the recession period, will become a national rescue victims of domestic economy, governments are blocking. The last full year there in Europe and the United States and other countries to China has no anti-dumping actions had stopped, from shoes,

Clothing Textile to the energy-saving lights, appliances, tires, steel pipe and so on are all anti-dumping measures, the financial crisis has exposed China’s exports abroad unprecedented predicament. “Retail is a product into the market by the throat, if companies like Wal-Mart China, the export is not the problem,” Zhang Jindong, the definition of internationalization is not only related to the size of the business, but also carries a responsibility to stand if Suning to the international arena, China’s products will be continuously be transported to foreign countries, the export process will be simplified, less risk, which is the vision Zhang Jindong, one of China’s Wal-Mart’s significance.

The face of rampant financial crisis, the Chinese GDP is still able to protect eight success in the international community Dengda eyes should see China while the huge contribution made by the consumer market. “State policy of stimulating domestic demand, consumption is achieved through the terminal network,” and this sentence will be Zhang Jindong, to a higher level of retail, Suning Ye Hao, Gome Ye Hao, household appliances, either enterprises or for the country to stimulate consumption The policy of stimulating domestic demand for both has a strategic significance. 2009, many companies had a hard time, but the appliance industry across the board gains across the board but, home appliance chain in which the play is crucial. If our eyes only in the home appliances can be proud to say that China’s home appliance chain competition is full, the most mature development, strength and most powerful, can look the Chinese retail industry will soon find our throats are in fact the risk of being foreign controlled .

“To be alert to seize control of foreign investment risk,” Chinese Strategic Studies Strategic Decision Research Expert Committee, industry observers in Puritanism in an interview to make such a reminder. This is not alarmist talk, the current domestic cities almost foreign control of retail, if we observe and will find that is surrounded by Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, IKEA, Auchan, TESCO (Tesco), RT-Mart ,7-11, Aeon, etc., they sell the goods, covering almost every aspect of people’s basic lives. Data show that foreign investment in China in the traditional retail department stores, hypermarkets, but also began to set foot in my books, pharmaceuticals, refined oil, important retail market, and they will continue into the 23 cities, such as Zhang Jindong said, ” Retail is a product to market by the throat, “this situation both for the domestic manufacturing sector or the entire country is a dangerous signal.

Zhang Jindong, Suning responsibility that drive overall profitability of national manufacturing, the financial crisis in 2009, this responsibility in the household appliance realized, however, not only of national manufacturing household appliances, Zhang Jindong, “do not do

Best Buy , Do Wal-Mart “is that the future is full penetration Suning retail.” Perhaps in the future not just buy you in Suning Appliance, there will be clothing, “Zhang Jindong, this sentence is not a joke, acquisition Japan LAOX Hou Suning has started preparing for store shops, and

The product is imported from Japan 3C, animation, audio, musical instruments, this is the adjustment of product structure Suning signal to the outward expansion.

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