The Turning China Point

The Turning China Point

The Turning China Point

People think that life’s turning China point is somewhere waiting for them.

Expecting that a turning China point will come in their life they become callous and inactive in the present.

Wasting the present moment is a great danger to self and society.

Taking care of each moment we will sense the beauty of life.


The traveler was on a cross road: there were four roads streching on four sides.

The night was dark and he has to take a decesion instantly.

Left side was dark and right side of the road was darker too.

He can not go back,so he looked forward.


He saw light at a distance on the front road and advanced in that direction with courage and strength.

After reaching the light he found a beautiful village on the river side.

He sighed a sigh of relief and was enjoying the sceinic beauty.

The villagers welcomed the stranger and he lived happily with them.


If the traveler would have wept on the cross roads he would have faced a disaster.

The tigers and wolves might have eaten him.

So the decesion which he took at that very moment made him happy.

In the village he found a lot of opportunities and became a rich man.


We are always on the cross roads of life.

We should take decesions regarding on which direction we should go basing on our past experiences and present situations.

Then we can move in the right direction and find our treasure.

If we weep at the present blaming the life then tigers and wolves of pain and agony will eat us.


We can make our future bright by taking care of the present.

We should treat each moment with love and dignity.

The moments spent in family,in office and any where can be manifested in the form of success.

All our dreams and hopes can be fulfilled if we are vigilant and careful at the present.


All our past,present and future are here right now.

We should look to it and act upon it.

The universal forces are acting on us and we should fully utilise them.

Being merged in the universe and making our mind steady and one pointed we should advance.


Life is full of taking decesions and taking a decesion for the rest part of life should be dealt carefully.

Right now what we are thinking and doing will determine our future.

Our life is in our hands we can crush it and can allow it to fly like a bird.

No body can take better care of our lives than ourselves.


Learning from he experiences of life we should take each step with caution.

This will make all our works finer,smoother,better and perfect.

In each field of life we will be happy and find success.

At no point of time we will find unhappiness and disgrace.













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